ToS Austeja
Goddess of bees
Gender Female
Job Class not applicable
Race Goddess
Main Weapon not applicable
Family not applicable
Friends not applicable
First Appearance not applicable

Austėja is the goddess of bees, and like Laima, of destiny.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Austėja had been one of the few goddesses who, while not believing Laima completely, took her words with a grain of salt. Following Medzio Diena, her powers weakened like the others, but managed to escape capture from demons by hiding away with the help of seals. She managed to bless the people of the Dina Bee Farm and the surrounding areas, sparing them from corruption, but could not do more as Revelators passed through and were addled with the evil energy. Four years after, a special Revelator, the "Savior", would come to her aid by freeing the other corrupted Revelators and use her power to repair the broken seals around Vilna Forest and defeating the Demon Lord Taumas, whereby she chooses to keep hidden to aid the people while directing the Savior to go after Laima's next revelation by following Ruklys' legacy.