ToS Classes

In Tree of Savior, there will be 80 Classes, and more in the future. Players can choose one of these classes: Swordsman, Wizard, Archer, Cleric as starting class.

After you reach the necessary level you can change to the next class, or get to advance your previous class to strengthen your existing skills instead of learning new skills. When you choose an advance class, you will get into the new circle of that class, Example: Swordsman --> Peltast --> Swordsman (2 circle).


  • There will be Master NPCs of each class who help characters grow up. For example the Peltast NPC can change your character's class to Peltast.
  • There are some hidden classes which are hard to get due to certain requirements.
  • Each class will have 3 characteristics: Attack Power, Support, Difficulty measured by how many stars it has.

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