ToS QuestWindow

The quest log in ToS.

In Tree of Savior, many segments have Quests. There also side quests separate from the main scenario. Depending on how players enjoy the game, there can be different methods. Your progress will be tracked on an Adventure Journal that would track your achievements.[1] Similarly to Ragnarok Online, quests in ToS are few and far in between as the developers feel having too many quests in a game makes it feel boring. This will allow ToS to retain a more RPG feel and give players more freedom in the game.[2]

Originally, quests in ToS had quest flags over the quest NPCs in order to make them easier to find for players, but the flags were later modified to only appear once a player has accepted the quest. Beta testers felt that having the flags show up over every quest NPC made the game feel more quest-oriented.

The default hotkey to access the quest log is F5.


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