Class cleric
Cleric concept art.
Job Tier Rank 1
Job Base none
Class Characteristics
Attack Power Star gold 256
Support Star gold 256Star gold 256Star gold 256
Difficulty Star gold 256

Cleric is one of the 4 initial classes that player can create at the Team Lodge. This is the basic support class that is blessed with the grace of the Goddesses. Clerics can use healing and protective magic on their allies and deal huge damage to the enemies.


Clerics can only equip gear designated as:


Clerics can use the following weapons:


Icon Skill Circle Max Level Type
ToS Cure Cure 1 15 Damage/Buff
ToS UnprotectZone Deprotected Zone 1 15 Debuff
ToS Heal Heal 1 15 Damage/Heal
ToS SafetyZone Safety Zone 1 15 Buff
ToS DivineMight Divine Might 2 10 Buff
Fade Fade 2 10 Buff
Saint Guardian Saint 3 5 Buff

Skill Attributes

Icon Atrribute Max Level Description
ToS Cure DamageIntervel Cure: Damage Interval 1 Reduces the interval of Cure's magic circle by 0.2 seconds
ToS Cure Enhance-0 Cure: Enhance 100 Increases the damage dealt on an enemy with Cure by 1% per attribute level.
ToS DeprotectedZone Retention Deprotected Zone: Retention Time 5 Increases the duration of Deprotected Zone's magic circle by 1 second per attribute level.
ToS DeprotectedZone Enhance Deprotected Zone: Enhance 50 Adds the defense decrease effect of Deprotected Zone by 1 per attribute level. (This attribute applies after the stack calculation.)
ToS DivineMight DevilType Divine Might: Devil-Type Damage 1 Deals damage equal to 100% magic attack to nearby Devil-type monsters when using Divine Might.
Ability cleric cleric3 Heal: Creating Extra 5 Adds 2% self Heal chance to heal per each level.
Ability cleric cleric12 Heal: Enhance 100 Adds the chance to automatically be healed at a 2% chance per attribute level when using Heal.
ToS Heal RemoveDamage Heal: Remove Damage 1 Heal will not inflict damage and react to enemies.
ToS SafetyZone BlockCount-0 Safety Zone: Block Count 20 Increases the block count of Safety Zone by 1 per attribute level.
ToS SafetyZone Range Safety Zone: Increased Range 1 Increases the range applied by Safety Zone to 15.
ToS GuardianSaint DecreasedDmg Guardian Saint: Decreased Damage 5 Decreases the damage taken when applied with a character's Saint Guardian by 5% per attribute level.



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