ToS Gabija
Gender Female
Job Class Not applicable
Race Goddess
Main Weapon Fire Manipulation
Family Unknown
Friends Grita
First Appearance A woman with a long red hair

Gabija is the Goddess of Fire. She taught the people how to use fire to have comfortable homes and warm food.[1] She is one of the 5 major goddesses.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Following the death of Agailla Flurry who did not leave a successor, Gabija took the Mage Tower under her protection while safeguarding one of Laima's revelations, where she stayed until Medzio Diena. When the Day of the Divine Tree came, she sent down her familiar Grita to Fedimian under the guise of a human to search for the Revelators while rebuffing the Demon Lord Helgasercle. Her ordeal would eventually end with a "Savior" climbing up the Mage Tower and killing Helgasercle, whereby she chooses to stay behind and lure demons with a fake revelation.