Hunter concept art.
Job Tier Rank 3
Job Base Archer
Class Characteristics
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Hunter is a trainer class who hunts down enemies using companions. Hunter's companion uses offensive skills which allow for cooperation with it's owner. Companions have skills such as biting and slowing down the target and/or revealing hidden enemies.[1]


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Hunters can only equip gear designated as:


Hunters can use the following weapons:


File:ToS Course.png Course
File:ToS Snatch.png Snatch
File:ToS Point.png Point
File:ToS Retrieve.png Retrieve
File:ToS Praise.png Praise
File:ToS Hound.png Hound


Attribute Description
File:ToS CourseAggro.png Course: Aggro Target that was bitten by Course skill will attack the companion.
File:ToS HoundPanic.png Hound: Panic 10% probability to inflict Confusion to target discovered by Hound skill per attribute level.
File:ToS PointHorror.png Point: Horror 10% probability to inflict Fear to monster hit by Point skill per attribute level.
File:ToS PraiseIncreaseMovementSpeed.png Praise: Increase Movement Speed The movement speed increase of the companion in Praise skill will increase by 5% per attribute level.
File:ToS RetrieveReduceDefense.png Retrieve: Reduce Defense No data yet.
File:ToS SnatchFlyingDamage.png Snatch: Flying Damage Aerial type monster that fell to the ground by Snatch skill will receive 20% additional damage by “slash” attack per attribute level.



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