ToS Lada
Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Harmony
Gender Female
Job Class not applicable
Race Goddess
Main Weapon not applicable
Family not applicable
Friends Laima
First Appearance not applicable

Lada is the goddess of beauty, love, and harmony.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Years prior to Medzio Diena, Goddess Laima stayed in a village within the Bellai Rainforest, intermingling with its people. After foreseeing the oncoming disasters that would strike the village and the world, she left. Worried for the people however, she asked her fellow goddess Lada to take them in her care before disappearing.

Laima's prediction came to pass, and soon a demon masquerading as a Revelator came some time after The Day of the Divine Tree. The demon abducted Lada and imprisoned her with Redemption Wards in the Seir Rainforest to utilize her life force for the Kruvina experiment. Four years after Medzio Diena, she would eventually be rescued by a "Savior" from the Demon Lord Zaura.