ToS Laima2
Gender Female
Job Class not applicable
Race Goddess
Main Weapon not applicable
Family Giltinė (sister)
Friends unknown
First Appearance unknown

Laima is the Goddess of Destiny and sister of the Goddess of Death, Giltinė. Some people debate whether or not Laima is a goddess at all as she is the only goddess that hasn't appeared to the common people, thus has earned the moniker of "goddess in a book". Despite this, she is still considered one of the 5 major goddesses. She is the goddess who chooses the Revelators.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Centuries before, Laima foresaw the disasters to come. Unable to prevent it with her effort alone and disbelieved by the other goddesses, she searched for an answer into the far-off future beyond the catastrophe, dreaming of a "Savior" among the Revelators she would eventually appoint who would save her, the other goddesses, and the world. Following this, she devised a plan to fulfill fate as she saw it while also deterring her sister. She began to make the revelations from pieces of her power and consciousness, dividing her body with each passing revelation.

On the onset of Medzio Diena, she left her fellow goddesses and was subsequently abducted and incarcerated by Giltinė, deprived of her wings. Four years later, Laima soon appeared in dreams to the Revelators who begin their journey in Klaipeda.


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