Linker concept art.
Job Tier Rank 3
Job Base Wizard
Class Characteristics
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Difficulty Hard
Linker is an advanced Wizard class that can link targets.

The monsters that are linked together will receive damages or debuffs simultaneously. These monsters can be pulled and gathered at one place to help other players to attack them easier. When Linker links allies together, the effects from potions or buffs can be shared each other and the damages received by monsters can be reduced.[1]


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Linkers can only equip gear designated as:


Linkers can use the following weapons:


Icon Name Circle Level Description
File:ToS JointPenalty.png Joint Penalty Joint Penalty Level 1 Links enemies to attack all at once. Can be canceled by the Unbind skill.
File:ToS HangmansKnot.png Hangman's Knot Hangman's Knot Level 1 Tighten the link to gather up the linked enemies in front of you.
File:ToS PhysicalLink.png Physical Link Physical Link Level 1 Links party members and shares damage. Can be canceled by the Unbind skill.
File:ToS SpiritualChain.png Spiritual Chain Spiritual Chain Level 2 Links party members and shares buff effects. Can be canceled by the Unbind skill.
File:ToS Unbind.png Unbind Unbind Level 1 Disconnect all links.
File:ToS Spirit Shock.png Spirit Shock Spirit Shock Level 2 [Magic] - [Psychokinesis]

Link yourself to the soul of a single target to inflict mental damage. Can only be used on a single target at a time. Can be canceled by the Unbind skill.

File:ToS Lifeline.png Lifeline Lifeline Level 3 Uses the highest abilities between you and allies linked by Spiritual Chain.


Attribute Description
File:ToS JointPenaltyAddDamage.png Joint Penalty: Add Damage Enemies linked by Joint Penalty will receive additional damage by 20% per attribute level of the caster's magic damage.
File:ToS HangmansKnotAddDamage.png Hangman's Knot: Add Damage Enemies hit by Hangman's Knot will receive additional damage 20% per attribute level of caster's magic damage.
File:ToS HangmansKnotplashDefense.png Hangman's Knot: Splash Defense Targets affected by Hangman's Knot have Splash Defense reduced by 1.
File:ToS PhysicalLinkDefense.png Physical Link: Defense Increase Physical Defense of linked allies by [Total Party Members + Attribute Level].
File:ToS SpiritualChainDuration.png Spiritual Chain: Duration Spiritual Chain Skill duration increased by 2 seconds per attribute level.
File:ToS UmbilicalCordRemainingDefense.png Umbilical Cord: Remaining Defense No data yet.



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