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트리오브세이비어 개발자 블로그 16화 CBT2 프리뷰01:41

트리오브세이비어 개발자 블로그 16화 CBT2 프리뷰


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Classes • Stats • Elements • Companions • Health and Mana
Player Versus Player • Party System • Barracks • Crafting System
Market System • Upgrading System

Game Updates

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Title Author Date
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Tree of Savior Greenlit on Steam ZeroTigress 2015 May 13
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Tree of Savior to be Free-to-Play ZeroTigress 2014 December 28
Tree of Savior Official Website is Now Up! ZeroTigress 2014 December 12


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Title Author Date
Server Timezone Widget ZeroTigress 2015 February 16
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New Admin ZeroTigress 2014 August 01
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