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트리오브세이비어 2015(Tree of Savior 2015 G-Star Trailer)03:29

트리오브세이비어 2015(Tree of Savior 2015 G-Star Trailer)


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Latest Tree of Savior News

Title Author Date
Additional Servers Added for Tree of Savior (English Version) ZeroTigress 2015 October 22
Beware of Fake Tree of Savior Site ZeroTigress 2015 October 12
Tree of Savior Fan Base Hacked ZeroTigress 2015 October 11
Tree of Savior English 2nd Beta in October ZeroTigress 2015 October 04
TOS Indonesia Closed Beta Test Coming ZeroTigress 2015 August 25


New on the Tree of Savior Wiki

Title Author Date
Timezone Widgets Down ZeroTigress 2015 November 7
Account Compromises ZeroTigress 2015 August 10
Timezone Widget for International Server Added ZeroTigress 2015 August 01
Log In Requirement ZeroTigress 2015 July 27
Server Timezone Widget ZeroTigress 2015 February 16


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TOS Korea Time

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