Old Diary
Old diary
The item's tooltip
Type Readable Book
Effects none
Weight 0
Source Lemprasa Pond
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell  ??Silver

A diary with records from Medzio Diena four years ago. Readable

In-Game Text

Our was a peaceful kingdom. There was nothing we lacked and people were happy. Every year we celebrated the spring festival and the goddesses answered our prayers. But eventually, more and more of our prayers started being left unanswered. Was it an omen? Suddenly, in the center of the capital an enormous tree sprouted up from the ground and started to spread out.

Within moments, the capital was destroy beyond recognition and many had to face the loss of loved ones. After the initial shock, people started to run, trying to escape the source of the disaster. But it was far from over.

The colossal tree spread out its fully-bloomed flowers and started to engulf those trying to escape. Soon the capital had completely collapsed. The tremendous aftermath extended the disaster to many other cities.

Four years have passed since the nightmare. The wounds have hardly begun to heal. The goddesses remain unheard of. Monsters continue to terrorize our world and affected cities are yet to be reconstructed. We still struggle with the lack of supplies, but we're trying to return to our normal lives as best as we can.

In Klaipeda, some people have started to recount dreams of the goddesses. If only that were a sign that the goddesses are returning. If... if they come back, can we finally wake up from this nightmare? 

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