ToS Saule
Goddess of the Sun
Gender Female
Job Class not applicable
Race Goddess
Main Weapon not applicable
Family unknown
Friends Laima
First Appearance unknown

Saulė is the goddess of the sun. Among all the goddesses, she was the only one who believed in Laima's predictions of the future calamities: Medzio Diena and the demonic invasions.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Laima entrusted her first (third for the Klaipeda Revelators) revelation to Saulė. She disappeared soon, abducted by the Demon Lord Bramble under orders from the Demon Goddess Giltinė to steal the revelation and thereafter incarcerated at Septyni Glen. She would eventually be rescued by a "Savior" four years after Medzio Diena.