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trance/techno, ambient, new age

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Lee Seock-Jin
Kwon Goo-Hee
Jang Seong-Woon (Nikacha)
Park Jin-Bae (Silhouetti, ESTi)
Park Soo-Il
Nam Goo-Min (Nauts)

Past Members

Kwak Dong-Il (Sevin) (1993–2004)

SoundTeMP is a Korean team of video game music composers. Their soundtracks in MMORPG ranged from trance/techno, electronic to instrumental, ambient and new age. SoundTeMP is often acclaimed for their wide experimentation with game audio styles, mixing various genres together to produce unique tracks.


Formed in 1992, SoundTeMP had been creating soundtracks for MMORPG computer games. By 2002, their work in Ragnarok Online (a highly acclaimed early MMORPG) made them famous.

Their most recent soundtrack work can be heard in Tree of Savior.

List of MMORPGs featuring music from SoundTeMP

List of other games featuring music from SoundTeMP

  • Ys 2 Special (1994・Mantra, arrange)
  • Lychnis (1994・Softmax, arrange)
  • Genocide 2 (1995・Mantra, arrange)
  • Astrocounter of CRESCENTS (1996・S&T On-Line/Samsung)
  • Icekiss (1997・Object Square, freeware)
  • The Rhapsody of Zephyr (1998・Softmax)
  • Ant Man 2 (1998・Gravity)
  • Merturl Wizard (1998・OSC)
  • Leithian (1999・Kama Digital Entertainment)
  • The War of Genesis Ⅲ (1999・Softmax)
  • Fortress series (CCR)
  • Arcturus (2000・Sonnori/Gravity)
  • Narsillion (2002・Grigon Entertainment)
  • Dream Chaser (2002・SOFTMAX)
  • Cheollang Yeoljeon (2003・Grigon Entertainment)
  • Magna Carta (2004・SOFTMAX)
  • PangYa (2004・Ntreev Soft)
  • DJ MAX / DJ MAX online
  • Princess Maker series


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