ToS StatusWindow

The stat window in ToS.

Stats are fundamental attributes that allow players to customize the performance of their characters. The default hotkey to access the stat window is F1.

Main Stats

With every level-up the character will receive one status point that can be freely distributed to one of the 5 Main Stats.[1]


Strength: Increases physical damage and critical hit.


Concentration: Increase HP, HP recovery rate, resistance for critical hit and max weight.


Intelligence: Increase magical damage and block penetration.


Spirit: Increase SP and SP recovery rate.


Dexterity: Increase hit rate, critical hit rate and evasion.

Sub Stats

Sub stats are secondary stats which are determined by your main stats (along with gears and abilities).

Physical Damage

Physical attack damage, can be increased by increasing Strength.

Magic Damage

Magic attack damage, can be increased by adding Intelligence.

Hit Rate

No data yet.

Critical Chance

Percentage of attack that deals bonus damage

Critical Damage

Additional critical damage


Splash Radius or Area of Effect

Block Penetration

No data yet.

Magic Penetration

No data yet.

Physical Defense

Defense against physical attacks

Magical Defense

Defense against magical attacks

Splash Defense

Defense points vs splash damage

Critical Resistance

No data yet.


Rate of evading attacks completely


No data yet.


  1. ToS Developer Blog 2014 June 13