The diary of Agatas
Location Sutatis Trade Route

In-Game Text

I could not help but be surprised when I discovered the Soul Fragments were those of Hauberk.

Hauberk, the Demon Lord of Brutality who is notorious for cruelty...

The same Hauberk who, slaughtered so many people and made a gruesome sight of the Kupoles of Goddess Vakarine who were following them.

The Soul Fragment of Hauberk is in my hands...

But the Soul Fragment of Hauberk in front of me has long lost the essence of what it used to be, asking for help running from the demons chasing it in return for granting a wish.

I remember seeing it somewhere.

About how Hauberk's essence was split among the Soul Fragments when Hauberk's soul was ripped apart by demons.

One fragment contains what conscience that was left, another contains his memories and knowledge.

yet another has his boldness, and yet another his essence of brutality.

I will agree to his contract because I have something I wish to accomplish.

But his essence... Where is the Soul Fragment containing his brutality?

No one could possibly imagine the atrocities that will occur if that fragment ever surfaces.