• With the conclusion of their closed beta tests, Nexon Japan announced their open beta test will come in August to be followed up with their official launch in September.

    "Thank you very much for your daily patronage to Nexon.

    In 2015, we looked forward to great participation for the CBT of Tree of Savior (hereinafter, ToS) and would like to thank everyone for their cooperation during this time.

    As a result of extensive investigations of these tests and feedback for the future development schedule, we will proceed with the following schedule for the services of ToS Japan.

    April ~ July Game refinement period

    • Leveling adjustments
    • Field map adjustments
    • Class balance adjustments
    • Implementation of new content
    • Various bug fixes

    August Open beta testing (OBT) starts

    September Formal service scheduled to start"

    Source: Tree of Savior Japan Website

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