• I've noticed a chunk of playthrough videos being added to the wiki and felt that it was time to say something about it. Please keep in mind these do not include guide videos such as job class demonstrations, content previews, and trailers. What I'm referring to are videos in which a player is simply recording him/herself playing the game.

    A long time ago, someone analyzed the effects of such videos on the gaming industry and I feel that such videos do hurt the industry in giving away the game experience without supporting the developers who put time and money into making these games. This is especially significant for MMORPGs as people cannot give proper feedback to the developers if they're simply watching someone playing the game.

    We here on the Tree of Savior Wiki wish to encourage people to actually try out Tree of Savior instead of judging the game by the videos of someone else who played it. Everyone has different tastes in video games and it really should be up to you to play the game and determine if you like it or not instead of having someone play it for you and sway your opinions. As such, playthrough videos have no place here on the Tree of Savior Wiki and will continue to be removed from the wiki. Anyone continuing to add such videos to the wiki will be liable to be blocked from the wiki altogether. Consider this a warning.

    If you wish to contest the wiki's stance on this, feel free to post here.

    Just call me The Gardener.

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