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    Earlier this year, Level Up! Games announced that they will be publishing Tree of Savior for the South America region, providing marketing and translation services for the game in the region.

    "It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the formation of a new partnership between the Level Up and IMC Games, game developer Tree of Savior! With this, you can expect a lot of news regarding this anticipated title in Brazil, all prepared especially for the players in the country!

    IMC Games will remain responsible for server administration and the game settings. However, thanks to the partnership, the title will be fully localized in Portuguese of Brazil, in addition to having a national Support Center!"

    Source: Level Up! Games Website

    About 5 months after the announcement, Level Up! Games declared that it will no longer publish Tree of Savior for South America.

    "The company had announced in February plans to publish Tree of Savior, which had begun localization in 2015. However, given the difficulties of putting the game in operation in the South American server, both companies agree that this is not the best time to bring it.


    Although this is not an opportune time for the publication of Tree of Savior, that does not mean that the Level Up closes the door to the publication of the game at a future opportunity. Even the content translated by Level Up was referred to by IMC Games to be used in the location of the game. "

    Source: Tree of Savior Brazil Facebook

    According to the article, LUG's communications with IMC Games was spotty and that they did not even discuss the release of the South America server on Steam with LUG prior to it. LUG was confused and frustrated that IMC agreed to have them translate and publish the game, yet decided to use their translations and release the game to players in their regions without consulting with LUG. Although LUG will allow IMC to continue using their Portuguese translations, it doesn't seem likely that they will continue to provide Portuguese translations for future content considering IMC's questionable behavior.

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