Tree of Savior
Developer(s) IMC Games Co. Ltd.
Publisher(s) Nexon (South Korea, Japan & Thailand)
Steam (international)
PT. KREON (Indonesia)
X2GAME (Taiwan)
Distributor(s) Steam (English)
Gemscool (Indonesia)
PlayOne Asia (Malaysia & Singapore)
Designer(s) Kim Hakkyu
Composer(s) SoundTeMP
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) 2015 December 29th (South Korea)
2016 May 10th (North America)
Genre(s) MMORPG

Tree of Savior (Korean: 트리 오브 세이비어), originally known as Project R1, is a Korean massive multiplayer online role-playing game created by IMC Games. Created by the original developers of Ragnarok Online, Tree of Savior is touted by players as the true spiritual successor of RO.

The setting and story of the game are largely inspired by Lithuanian mythology, but is not based on it. There are classes in the game, and the “Tree” that is the major part of the story in the game, which are related to the gods in Baltic mythology.[1]

The game completed a focused group test (FGT) and a closed beta test (CBT) began in January of 2015.


  • There are 80 available classes.
  • Some of the classes are hidden and hard to get due to certain requirements.
  • There are 10 stages of class advancements.
  • There are said to be over 200 bosses on launch.
  • Some of the available stats are Attack Power, Critical Chance, Dodge, Magic Defense, Elemental Resists, Damage and more.
  • It focuses more on collecting and leveling up system than the questing system and scenario missions.
  • Players can compete with each other without PvP'ing due to the achievement, rating, and ranking system. For example, if there is a player with very good equipment they will show up in the ranking charts as the most damage chart. There are some players who like exploring, they can then place their name on the adventure board ranking.
  • The maps will be large. Apparently, really large. Here is a screenshot of one showing the scale.
  • Bosses range from raid, field, and dungeon bosses.
  • Non target based combat.
  • Your character can jump!
  • There is a Community System where anyone can join whenever they want. If you walk close to a certain a person out on the field, you will automatically form a party with them. If they walk too far the party will be disbanded. (I assume this feature is optional.)
  • The party system should make it easier for players to form a party without having to navigate through the UI.
  • Chatlog with timestamp system and a save feature.
  • Multi chatting system similar to KakaoTalk or Line.
  • Offers a chance for lower levels to join on raid content.
  • A matchmaking system for the raid content will be available.
  • An item and player ranking system that shows off all kinds of details. Damage board, Achievements, Adventure Log, Level, Classes, and etc. It will even show how many female and male characters are playing.
  • Lots of emotes and actions.
  • It will show a rating on how players are enjoying the game. (Community Feedback System?)[2]

See Unimplemented ToS Features


The story starts with a huge tree. After this tree had appeared on the Earth, the Goddesses who had been protecting the humans suddenly disappeared from the Earth. Under the attacks from the monsters, humans struggle to live on day by day. After some time, the warriors who were selected by the Goddess Laima, who controls destiny, save the Goddesses and they start to reveal the hidden stories about the tree and the monsters.[3]

Official Tree of Savior Servers

To help support the longevity of TOS and its developers, here is a list of official servers players should play on:


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