The Tree of Savior Wiki is a wiki dedicated to compiling all the stories, characters, and events that are part of IMC Games's world of Tree of Savior.

The current admins of the wiki can be found here.

About Tree of Savior Wiki

The Tree of Savior Wiki contains both user-generated content and information from official sources. All information presented on the wiki falls under an Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. The Tree of Savior Wiki aims to provide accurate information based on the original Korean source. Anything and everything, unless specified otherwise, is to refer to the original Korean servers as publishers tend to localize and change the original content. (Not to mention misspell a lot of stuff.) If you see something that is out of date or incorrect, please create a Wikia account and help improve the information quality of the wiki.

As the wiki aims to provide information on licensed media, we do not support private servers and anything else related to them as private servers are illegal. This includes Tree of Savior fansites that feature private server information. In addition, we do not support the trade of in-game currency and items for real-world money (known as Real Money Trade or RMT) as that is also illegal.

In order to promote good faith and not take credit for information not written by Wikia users, we strive to make an effort to attribute Tree of Savior Fan Base's and other approved fansites' information on the Tree of Savior Wiki out of respect. If fansite admins and users want the removal of their content, it will be done. Our intent is not to plagiarize, but to allow the information from those fansites to continue to be available should those websites go down for any amount of time or shut down entirely.

Wiki History

The Tree of Savior Wiki was originally created on 2013 November 21 by founding user Brandy. For the next 9 months or so, the wiki attracted little to no contributors as little effort was made to promote the Wiki.

The wiki remained untouched until August of 2014 when user ZeroTigress joined and began adding information to the site. She was unexpectedly promoted to admin by the founder.

Since the promotion of the new admin, the Tree of Savior Wiki has grown from no articles to 163 articles, covering anywhere from characters and monsters to quests and items.

Wiki Communities


Want to add personal content to the Wiki? The Tree of Savior Wiki Weblogs is where you want to be! Share your Tree of Savior stories, fanart, fanfiction, or any other personal stuff via blog entries.


Become part of the Tree of Savior Wiki community by participating in the forums.

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