Sometime in October, Gravity Interactive decided to censor both Tree of Savior and the acronym TOS in the WarpPortal forums. "Tree of Savior" will automatically become "Ragnarok Online" when typed into a forum post and "TOS" will automatically become "Ragnarok Online 2" when typed into a post. The censorship also extends to people's profile statuses and biographies and likely in signatures as well.

While I understand the need to censor out games that have nothing to do with games published by Gravity Interactive, you would think they would've seen a problem with censoring the acronym "TOS" as well. "TOS" not only refers to Tree of Savior, but also Terms of Service as well as skills and items from other games. So people posting about the Terms of Service must now type out the entire phrase rather than use the efficient TOS acronym; the same of skills and items that have absolutely zero to do with Tree of Savior at all.

A simply cease and desist announcement warning to all posters would've sufficed instead of all this shady automatic censorship. Honestly, isn't it the job of community manager to manage the community rather than let a computer system do the managing part? And what of the so-called volunteer moderators who seem to do everything BUT moderate the forums? But it seems that's what the CMs of iRO2 prefer to do.

CMs from Gravity Interactive's other games seem to be consistently active in the forums, but for some reason the CMs hired on to manage the iRO2 community have been missing in action since HelVerdandi was fired early on in iRO2's life. Her replacements Jello Shaker and Zanbee have been a bit less than helpful with the former disappearing just days after being declared a new iRO2 CM and the latter mainly coming on to post patch notes and hold forum events. The other original CM that's still around (Njoror) comes on once in a blue moon. So what are these CMs doing if they're not being hired on to manage the community as their job description clearly states? Why are they CMs if their purpose is not to be CMs? This is about as ridiculous as automatically censoring "Kirito" to "burrito" when Sword Art Online became popular. Did they seriously thought Sword Art Online was an actual competing MMORPG? (And again, it was the iRO2 CMs that censored that. They seem to prefer censoring the playerbase rather than managing them, unlike every CM before them.)

Well, whether they censor TOS or not, it still won't stop players from migrating to Tree of Savior. Either tell GRAVITY to shape up and improve RO and RO2 or they can expect to keep losing players.

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