When it comes to MMORPGs, I'm usually content with letting others do the QA while I wait patiently for the final launch. Not to mention, with my luck, being selected for a closed beta test of a MMORPG is simply not possible. So by all means, the ToS CBT should be nothing but another beta test I would usually ignore.

Well, I guess the stars aligned and some mystical thingamabobber happened or something, 'cause I've decided to participate in the CBT1 of ToS's English server. Since I seem to have been chosen to participate in the beta. << What are the odds, huh? (And all the people asking me to give up my beta key if I got one was getting on my nerves and made me less interested in giving it out.) In addition, my years of playing RO and suggesting fixes and reporting bugs seem to make me qualified enough to be a beta tester. (Still waiting for RO to launch, gosh this beta has been going on for 12 years and counting!) XD

Someone in the iRO RaidCall did point out one potential pitfall of being a beta tester and that is the possibility you won't be able to enjoy the launch version of the game because you spent so much time fixing and testing the unfinished version. Sort of like how if you spend too much time on a painting, you can't help but feel sick of the final results. That would be another reason why I usually wait for a MMORPG to launch before I play it; I like my first experience of the game to be as good as the game could offer. Also like having everything working mostly fine on my first playthrough since it would determine whether or not I stick with the game. Nothing more discouraging than a very buggy launched game, right?

That said, I'm not sure if I'd be willing to participate in future CBTs after ToS's English CBT1 if they decide to invite me back for later CBTs. I am interested to see what a CBT is like, but dunno about doing every CBT.

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