Uh... Not sure what happened, but somehow within the course of the last week or so, the Tree of Savior Wiki attracted quite a number of visitors. <<;;

ToSWiki stats

LUL, that lucky 777 views.

Not sure what prompted the jump in visitors to this little unadvertised Wiki, especially since not much has been happening on it in terms of edits. I'm guessing it may have to do with my previous blog entry talking about Gravity Interactive's censorship of Tree of Savior on their WarpPortal forums. Can't imagine how it became a rumor when iRO2 players were the ones who experienced it firsthand. <<

Anyways, I still doubt anyone would be interested in this wiki nearly as much as other Tree of Savior wikis (i.e. the Tree of Savior Game's wiki). I'm sure viewership will go back down to double-digits soon enough.

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